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Friends Only Post

Friends Only

If you're not already added and you wish to be added,
simply friend me first and then comment that you did. :D

GameTrailer Kingdom Hearts Timeline

To those of my friends who have been curious about Kingdom Hearts but never had the money, time, or drive to play the games and discover exactly why this game series has captured my heart over the last ten years:

This timeline does an EXCELLENT job exploring its mythology and lore, as well as explaining its complicated story in a way that makes it very easy for non-KH fans to understand and enjoy.

It delves into all of the current games and clarifies many of the confusing details that have been uncovered in the recent games that often intimidate newcomers and old-timers who have stopped keeping up with the series.

GameTrailers did a beautiful job, and I commend them and the many people who helped them piece this together.

I encourage everyone to watch it, Kingdom Hearts fan or not!


It's over...

Stygian Solace is officially written.

All I need to do now is edit everything.

Final Chapter: Hope Within Darkness - part one

I've never worked so hard on any of my writing before... It's not even my best writing, but I'm damn proud of it. I've come a long, long, long way from those first terrible chapters that I still want to shred and completely redo but don't have the energy to.

I'll be posting the rest of it later this weekend after I've edited it, as well as some statistics (pages, words, etc).

11-04-02 to 02-04-11.

And... as relieved as I am that I actually did it, I also feel kind of... upset.

Jan. 8th, 2010

KINGDOM HEARTS: BIRTH BY SLEEP is out in Japan as of tomorrow (well, it's tomorrow already over there).

I know a lot of people on my f-list will be importing it.

PLEASE REFRAIN FROM POSTING SPOILERS WITHOUT A CUT. This includes spoiler images/icons/videos/quotes/whatever!

Thank you.

the wordsmith

Most of you are probably here because you've read or heard of my K. Hearts fanfiction.

Yup, I'm that Uzumaki-sama. Feel free to friend me to see my entries, I don't mind.

The current layout features Falaphesian's lovely FF-style depiction of Stygian Solace's logo. The style code belongs to thefulcrum and was edited by me to suit my tastes.

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